Amara Collection

Beautify every special moment of your life with our intricately crafted Amara collection. This stunning minimal collection is crafted in 18kt gold plated pieces that are an embodiment of delicacy and charisma. The simplicity is profound with easy forms of the jewelry that have been dressed up with semi-precious stones in some of the prettiest colors, and come with a frisson of excitement just beneath the surface. The collection’s exquisite earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets exemplify a high-end style that is anything but ordinary. This sure-shot show stopper collection scores high on the style quotient and is for every individual who strives to be independent and wishes to wear something bold worth making a statement. Mixing soft elegance with a little whimsy, to reveal offbeat pieces in the form of glamorous earrings, glorious necklaces, pendants, slinky bracelets, and trendy rings. This affordably luxurious collection is inspired by the energies of life and is made from pristine stones and pearls that are the epitome of dainty charm and elegance.

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