With a love and passion for both classic and current high-glam styles, jewellery designers from India and Australia founded Seebora in 2015. The jewellery brand was later re-established in Gold Coast, Australia to connect women of the whole world and share the fine hand craftsmanship of Indian jewel makers with the world. Seebora has a unique yet versatile design aesthetic that appeals to women in India and around the world. It was founded on the belief that accessories truly exude personality, and the goal was to create pieces that each individual could interpret and wear in their own unique way. We strive to create luxury pieces that perfectly blend modern trends and techniques with our rich cultural heritage, resulting in pieces that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe.


Our jewellery is minimal and easy to wear, and it can be easily mixed and matched, which is the underlying theme of the collections. Each collection is ethically handcrafted from sterling silver, 14k, 18k  gold plating and features signature motifs and semiprecious naturally sourced gemstones in intricate settings. Seebora introduces articles that are intentionally crafted for uplifting affirmations to inspire all women with eternal charm. Known and loved for its handcraftsmanship, minimal yet statement designs, Seebora is the go-to destination for affordable luxurious jewellery and gifts that tell stories of love, relations, and cherished moments.